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Self-esteem coaching is for everybody. Whether you are managing life’s ups-and-downs superbly, or getting stuck in the doldrums, or somewhere in between; whether you are a young child, teen, parent, adult, teacher or working in the corporate sector. We are all “under construction” and many of us just need a gentle shove or new perspective to challenge old limiting beliefs that are hampering our happiness and growth.

Sally Thorp Coaching and Consulting – dedicated to building a sense of value, worth and competence in every life we touch, through practical, unique processes.


“You can transcend all negativity when you realize that the only power it has over you is your belief in it. As you experience this truth about yourself you are set free.”  

Eileen Caddy

About Sally Thorp

With a degree in Psychology and 20 years of experience in the self-esteem field, Sally Thorp is a qualified self-esteem facilitator  and director of Sally Thorp Coaching and Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

She presents workshops and offers coaching to parents, children, teens and teachers, and consults separately to the corporate sector, where studies have shown the important impact of healthy self-esteem among employees.

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Self-esteem workshopsSally Thorp’s workshops are acclaimed for their ability to drill down into specific issues that arise within the groups they are aimed at.  Insightful and thought-provoking, they are supported by take-home material and real-life exercises that challenge existing beliefs and ingrain new ways of thinking, which in turn have the power to become beneficial habits that change attendees’ lives for the better.

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Self-esteem coachingOne-on-one sessions are offered to facilitate the actualisation of healthy self-esteem, including adults, children, parents, parents-to-be, teachers and professionals, each session being tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Various flexible packages are offered which include one-on-one sessions at her office, or Skype and/or email sessions, and include back-up material and take-home exercises.

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What our clients had to say:

Sally is a remarkable practitioner capable of helping us as parents, to bring out the very best in our children and in such a way that we have become more empowered as a result. I cannot speak highly enough of Sally’s intellect and intuitive ability and her contribution to our role as parents has been invaluable. So, for anyone struggling to see the real child that might be tucked beneath a veil of low self-esteem, Sally will help and in a very real and meaningful way. Thank you Sally.
P & C (parents to 20 & 18 year old sons)
to be loved regardless of my competencies or achievements but that I can love and appreciate myself and live mindfully in the present. I now know, through this experience, that I am indeed the author of my own life script in every possible way and that all obstacles are gifts on the journey to this higher consciousness. Thank you Sally!”
A short five months ago I was up against a wall emotionally and desperate for something to change. When I first met with Sally I believed that if she couldn’t help me, I would just make peace with living life miserable. At that time I thought I was incapable of living a meaningful life. Sally swiftly helped me out of a rut and I would like to thank her for the safe place I had with her to deal with my issues and not feel judged. One of the key lessons I learned was that I am a beautiful and worthwhile person. My inner life is more calm and peaceful now and I am better able to cope with life’s struggles. My family have also benefitted from what I’ve learned and our relationships are growing stronger. I’m grateful to Sally for her caring approach and for the valuable insight and tools I have gained. These will help my life become whatever I dream it can be.