About Us


To work with clients to build their self-esteem, in the belief that emotional wellbeing of the individual is inextricably linked to the overall wellbeing of families, the workplace and society in general.


Using well-researched, results-orientated techniques and tools, I assist individuals to rediscover and rejoice in their unique selves and to realise that failure is not a dead-end, but is feedback and an opportunity to learn and grow.  This approach is carried through in all elements of my self-esteem coaching, including one-on-one consultations, creative family sessions, group workshops, and useful take-home exercises.


“Why do I believe that self-esteem is so important?

I start with the belief that I matter, you matter, we matter.  From this, I have developed a deep respect and reverence for every person I work with, and whose story I have had the privilege of sharing over the past 20 years. 

I am committed to helping my clients develop insight and awareness, and to give them the tools to see themselves through eyes of self-appreciation, self-acceptance and self-love after what are often years of being prisoners to their own negative belief system.

What is self-esteem?  The term is often misunderstood, engendering ideas of arrogance, selfishness and an attitude that ‘everything is about me’.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The self-esteem I teach is about facilitating a process to help people understand that they matter and to empower them to discover and celebrate their intrinsic value and worth, in order to support a deep-seated belief in their deservedness and competence, never at the expense of anybody else. 

Low self-esteem is directly correlated to performance anxiety. People with a healthy self-esteem know that it’s okay to try something despite the risk associated with possible failure.  They know that their worth is not defined by their performance, and they do not measure their success through the eyes of other people.  For this reason, they are the people who will not be afraid to try again.

If we live with healthy self-esteem we are empowered to face the world feeling calm and resourceful, taking responsibility for the quality of our lives, able to accept our mistakes and failures and grow from them, and equally celebrate our successes.  Our deep inner appreciation and love of self will enable us to share that love abundantly with our family and friends, and to enjoy positive, mutually rewarding relationships with our colleagues. 

I have learned this in my own life, and I have seen it work in the lives of multiple others.  My life’s goal is to share this knowledge and experience to equip people to change their lives for the better.”

Sally Thorp

Sally Thorp is the founder and CEO of Sally Thorp Coaching & Consulting (Pty) Ltd. With a degree in Psychology and 20 years of experience in personal and organization coaching, Sally’s area of focus includes self-esteem, executive leader development and personal mastery. Sally Thorp is a qualified self-esteem and life coach facilitator.  
Sally runs workshops and offers coaching to executive leaders, parents, children, teens, teachers and other adults in need of her services. She also provides coaching and mentoring services to the corporate sector. Prior to the establishment of Sally Thorp Coaching and Consulting company Sally was a Director of Life Talk Forum (NGO) for 6 years where she was responsible for the design, development and delivery of talks and workshops focusing on parent/child & teen relations. Whilst at Life Talk she also developed and facilitated life skills and self-esteem workshops for parents, educators and learners.
She is author of the Self-Esteem chapter in the book entitled Life Talk for Parents by Izabella Gates.

In addition to the above skills and expertise, Sally has a special interest in emotional and mental preparation for pregnant parents as well as the impact of parenting on early childhood development. She believes that vital parallels exist between parenting and leadership. Parents are uniquely positioned to nurture leadership qualities in their children through their parenting approach. With a focus on leadership in the family it is Sally’s intention to bring to the fore awareness of these parallels and equip adults with the insight and tools needed to help them achieve this parenting goal.

Sally believes in the unique potential of all individuals in their leadership journeys. Through her talks, workshops and one-on-one coaching methods she explores practical ways of equipping individuals with skills, tools and insights to successfully overcome daily challenges and to face life armed with resilience, optimism, the ability to think creatively and a healthy self-esteem.  Her insights, wisdom and tools have helped many to successfully navigate some of the trickiest life and leadership challenges ranging from issues such as poor judgement in decision making, limiting life-long goals, parenting dilemmas to stress in the workplace, anxiety and depression.

Her work has been quoted as ‘life-changing and life-saving!’


  • BA (HSS) – UNISA
  • Counselling the Young Child and Adolescent – UNISA
  • Divorce and Family Mediator
  • Accredited Robert Simic Coaching Institute (RSCI) coach
  • Self-Esteem Facilitator (Building Self-Esteem)