Our Offerings


Sally Thorp offers one-on-one sessions to facilitate the actualisation of healthy self-esteem for all individuals, including adults, children, parents, parents-to-be, teachers and people in the workplace, with each session being tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

Often, people who attend her workshops  discover aspects of themselves where they feel they would benefit from further one-on-one coaching.  They are encouraged to do so, since this cements the lessons learned in workshops.

Also offered is help for couples experiencing marriage conflict, in which she helps them identify the reasons for the conflict and offers ways in which these can be addressed and the difficulties overcome.  In cases of a stalemate, Sally will refer the couple to a divorce mediator.

Various flexible packages (available on request) are offered which might include one-on-one sessions at her office, or Skype and/or email sessions, and include back-up material and take-home exercises.


Self-Esteem in the workplace

Work has long been viewed as a source of generating a sense of worth in individuals.  But today’s workplace presents a myriad of challenges that can wreak havoc on individuals’ self-esteem.  This carries with it significant risks, not only for individuals affected, but ultimately, for the overall wellbeing of the company.  Companies today can simply not afford to ignore the very real dangers inherent in overlooking poor self-esteem among its employees.

Many factors can play a role, but a major one is that job security today is at an all-time low.  Fears of job-cuts impact heavily on employees’ sense of worth.  Retrenchments exacerbate the pressure on remaining employees who are expected to take up the slack.  When faced with what they see as an inbox “on steroids”, and they begin to fall behind, individuals often begin a downslide into feelings of inadequacy.  Left unnoticed, organisations run the risk of losing even their most promising employees.

While persistent lowering of individual’s self-esteem may lead to resignations, it can also result in a rise in workplace aggression and rudeness.  Instead of work becoming a source of healthy self-esteem for employees, the workplace can quickly become a melting pot for stress and depression, which can spread like a virus throughout the organisation.

Managers are under even greater pressure.  Their positions of seniority and levels of responsibility make them the obvious target for recrimination when their operational unit underperforms.  Likewise, the impact on their self-esteem cannot be ignored.

There are ways in which these realities can be successfully addressed.  Sally works with Celia Coburn’s organisation, Building Self-Esteem, to assist companies to identify and overcome the pressures of today’s challenging workspace.

Through consultation with the organisation, they will identify areas where the company requires intervention and then tailor a workshop programme that addresses its specific needs.


Invariably, attending Self-Esteem in the Workplace workshop will highlight to individuals areas where they require further coaching to assist them to work on particular areas of their self-esteem.

If they wish to drill down deeper and deal with these issues, attendees are encouraged to consider a period of personal coaching in a one-on-one setting in a confidential environment.