Committed @ Conception Workshop for Pregnant Parents

(Pre-birth emotional preparation)

Typically, when couples learn they are going to have a baby, they spend an enormous amount of time, money and thought into preparing for the practical aspects of what awaits them.  From decisions around names, to the colour of the baby’s room, to bottles, dummies, cots, prams, car seats, baby monitors etc., nothing is left to chance. Committed @ Conception is a unique workshop that provides a much-needed platform for parents to think beyond those factors; to examine their emotional preparedness for the massive responsibility that awaits them.


Life Talk – Your Parenting Journey – Start with the end in Mind (4-12 yrs)

Developed by Sally and presented under licence from Life Talk®, this programme may be described as “scenario planning” for parents.  It highlights aspects critical to creating favourable family dynamics such as family values, communication and discipline. The constantly changing parenting roles as our children grow are explored, and guidance is given.  It includes the teen journey, highlighting the ‘must-know’ challenges and suggested solutions and tips are shared.  Special attention is placed on bullying, alcohol and drugs as well as teen depression and suicide.

Life Talk – Building Children’s Self-Esteem

Developed by Sally, this programme is designed to give parents insight into how their children’s self-esteem impacts on every possible aspect of their lives; and how this can work for or against them.It gives parents practical, simple tips and tools to build their children’s self-esteem, enabling them to build a solid foundation of self-belief and confidence.  Building Children’s Self-Esteem is marketed to parents with children of all ages but can be tailored to specific age bands.


teachersThe teaching profession is well documented as being one of the most emotionally demanding professions in the world.  Teachers are critical role models to the children they teach and as such, are required to have highly developed emotional stability and strong ability to manage conflict. However, coping with the daily demands of school, as well as managing the disparate temperaments and demands of their learners, and those of their parents, often leads to high levels of emotional exhaustion and eventually, teacher burnout.

Life Talk – The Classroom – A Haven for All Round Success

chidren-self-esteemThe Classroom – A Haven for All Round Success programme, developed by Sally and presented under license from Life Talk® is essential for any school committed to the overall emotional wellbeing of their teaching body. A teacher who has the insight and tools to bolster and maintain their own self-esteem is far more likely to enjoy their chosen profession, despite the pressure, and in this way, add enormous value in the classroom and staffroom.

Women Weaving Wisdom Workshop

Are you craving calm in the midst of life’s overwhelming demands?  Then this workshop is for you!  Do you sometimes feel like your life resembles the reverse side of a tapestry – jumbled, messy, knotted and simply makes no sense at all?  Or do you feel like you’re never good enough, always on the back foot or falling short of your true potential as a woman, mother, wife or businesswoman?   To find out  how to change all of this and sustain it,


shutterstock_178712615-610x386Work has long been viewed as a source of generating a sense of worth in individuals.  But today’s workplace presents a myriad of challenges that can wreak havoc on individuals’ self-esteem.  This carries with it significant risks, not only for individuals affected, but ultimately, for the overall wellbeing of the company.  Companies today can simply not afford to ignore the very real dangers inherent in overlooking poor self-esteem among its employees.  Specific workshops to address self-esteem in the workplace are available here.